Please click on the buttons below to generate a download of any of our free editable forms. They are not copyrighted and you may do with them as you please. They are my gift to you. Certain details, such as a client’s name and address, are often required to make a contract a legal document, so do not delete these fields.


While I have taken reasonable steps to make sure that my forms would stand up as legal documents – they have been reviewed and amended by a lawyer – I cannot be held responsible for your adaptations or use of them within your own business. If you are in any doubt about the need to include a specific release clause for your own unique situation, or of the legality of your final documents, I would encourage you to take legal advice. You can often get this kind of advice from a lawyer on fiverr for very little outlay. Look in the business section under legal consulting.

Please note that the contracts and disclaimers are supported by, and may reference the terms and conditions. Your business’ terms and conditions are an essential part of the legal information that you supply to your clients. The contracts do not – and are not intended to – stand alone.

Editing and duplicating forms

Rather than repeating very similar forms, each is entirely editable and you can adapt them from one species to another. For example the Guinea pig details and care sheet can be easily adapted to suit any small animal – it is an information gathering form. The dog boarding contract form could be adapted for day care, or for boarding smaller animals.

Customising your forms

The forms are Word files (.doc or .docx) and contain highlighted areas where you need to add your own business details. Once you have identified these areas you can remove the yellow from the text by simply finding the highlighter icon on the Word toolbar (in the home tab, next to the text colour icon) and setting it to no colour, then selecting the words with your mouse and clicking the highlight icon. If you have any problems, or cant read Word documents please email me.

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