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Free start up cheat sheet

free resources for pet sitters
Here we go…

Here you can find free resources that I have found extremely helpful. I’ve grouped them to help you decide which are going to help you most right now. You can come back later for the rest.




A detailed and comprehensive checklist for setting up a dog care business.
The law regarding dogs

An excellent resume of UK law as it relates to dogs

Website and SEO

This is an awesome, detailed step by step walk through video, covering creating a WordPress site, using plugins to build a mailing list, SEO and such like. Accurate and easy to follow.

Free good quality photographs for your website – Pixabay

Tax and employment

Useful definition of employee v contractor (UK)

Dog care and safety

The Dog’s Trust list of poisonous plants

Vets Now blog post listing human foods that are toxic to dogs

Business administration

Pet Sitter Plus recommended pet care business software – free trial