About Canine Care Academy

Running A Pet Care Business

running a pet care business
We all need support

This website exists to offer in depth support and information to anyone who is setting up or running a pet care business (sometimes called pet sitting business). I use the term “pet care” to mean a business that offers any or all of the core pet care services:

  • dog walking
  • dog home boarding
  • dog day care
  • home visits
  • cat visits
  • small animal care
  • house sitting for pets.

I am Alison Campbell, business owner at Custom Canine Care, a dog care services business, and Canine Care Academy. I am a long time educator in a number of spheres, who believes that knowledge is the key to success in whatever we determine to do. I also know through the whole process of setting up and developing my own pet services business that the information currently available is disjointed and – in many places – superficial.

When I first started running a pet care business, I looked around for help. I bought the one UK published book that was available at the time, joined NarpsUK, and became active on a number of forums and groups for pet sitters. I learned some really important things that I didn’t already know and – just as importantly – I didn’t have access to loads of really important information that I really needed to know. A great deal of the pertinent information that I have unearthed as my business has developed, has been discovered independently and often from non-pet sitting sources.

The Canine Care Academy site is new and under development. I am committed to regularly adding new content, to build a great resource for anyone who is setting up or running a pet care business. If there is anything that you need to have information on that you don’t find here, let me know and it will become my next priority for research and publishing.

I do also have an ebook available called How do I find and keep clients?