TTouch courses and Your End of the Lead

TTouch courses
How relaxed am I?

These three excellent and empowering courses, from Janet Finlay, one of the leading UK TTouch practitioners, are designed to help you to help any dog when they are anxious or reacting in the face of other dogs, people, vehicles and the world at large. Whether it’s wind or motorbikes; cats or thunder; dogs on the lead – or running free, these courses will help you to help the dog to gain confidence and begin to relax in anxiety inducing situations.

There are three courses available:

The TTouch taster and TTouch confidence course, both major on what you can do to help your dog towards greater confidence. Your End of the Lead addresses anxieties and tension at both ends of the lead and gives you strategies for both yourself and your dog.

FREE TTouch taster course

  • 5 video lessons, one a day for 5 days
  • An introduction to the key elements of TTouch: observation, body work, wraps, ground work
  • Learn techniques that you can use straight away to help your dog
  • Ideal for calming and improving balance and coordination.
  • Your questions answered.
  • A special bonus when you complete day 5!
  • Ongoing tips, information and free videos via email (unsubscribe at any time

Full TTouch confidence course

  • You’ll learn what TTouch is and how it can help you build your dog’s confidence.
  • You’ll learn how to observe your dog so that you can identify areas of tension in his body and what he is communicating about his emotional state.
  • You’ll learn how the physical and emotional state of your dog directly impacts on his behaviour and what you can do about this.
  • TTouch courses
    That feels good

    You’ll learn 12 different TTouches so that you can find the ones that suit your dog best and have the right touch for any situation, to calm, to release tension and to raise awareness.

  • You’ll learn about body wraps – what they are, why we use them and how to ensure you use them effectively to raise awareness and to aid relaxation.
  • You’ll learn how changing the way you lead your dog can improve posture and increase confidence, while reducing pulling and tension on the lead – and how you can use the TTouch Confidence Course in your home or garden to improve your dog’s balance and provide safe, non-habitual experiences.
  • And you’ll learn how to get started with TTouch in a number of common scenarios – when your dog is reactive, anxious, or noise sensitive – or at key life stages to build confidence in puppies and restore it in older dogs.

New session coming up – Your End of the Lead course

Introducing Your End of the Lead – the online course that helps you with your reactivity!

There are lots of programmes out there to help you learn how to change your dog’s reactive behaviour. But if you are tense and stressed, your training will be much less effective. And even with the best rehabilitation programme, no change happens overnight and you need to learn to enjoy your dog again – now! This online course is designed to help you – the owner and handler – to become calmer, more confident and, yes, less reactive!

It combines practical coaching and training techniques with effective management and calming methods from TTouch to help you to rebuild your own confidence so that you can help your dog rebuild his. On this course you will:

  • Learn to recognise the early signs of stress in yourself and your dog and to keep you both below threshold.
  • Tackle the negative thinking and language that stops both you and your dog moving forward.
  • Learn how to calm yourself and your dog and improve your confidence and influence in handling.
  • Use goals and rewards to change your own emotional response to challenging situations.
  • Learn practical ways to manage yourself, your dog, the environment and other people so that you can set yourself up to succeed in your training.
  • Think differently about the problem and gain a deeper awareness of yourself, your dog and the people you meet.
  • Develop a closer relationship with your dog as you learn how you can best help him or her.
  • Play training games and learn how to make the most of training opportunities on walks.
  • Learn what to look for in training techniques and trainers.

Join the many graduates of Your End of the Lead online and start changing how you handle your dog’s reactivity.

What people are saying about Your End of the Lead

What people are saying about the TTouch Taster: 

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying your 5-lesson TTouch videos [course]. I’m on Lesson 2 and am already amazed at how much information you pack into a short time period. I find your videos extremely well thought out, they are accessible and clear and, because your presentation is so organized, I find things are landing in a way that sticks with me.Carole Orr, Canada

Thank you Janet for this wonderful taster on how TTouch works. I have really enjoyed it and I am interested on any other courses you have. Thank you! Karen P.

What people are saying about the full TTouch course

Brilliant course, thank you. I have a reactive dog, who I was desperate to get help for and TTouch seemed the best way to do this. The online course suited my lifestyle. The video demonstrations are excellent: you can see exactly how to do the touches. I really enjoyed the course and found it was paced and set out very well. I liked the fact that there were alternatives for things to do if your dog was not agreeable for any reason with a particular touch. The whole course has been a Godsend for my dog. She is so much more relaxed now although we still have a bit of work to do. Diane Self

I have so enjoyed this course. I have learnt so much. All my dogs love it especially my Yorkie. Thank you Janet. Gloria Davies